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The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p YIFY Movie

The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)

The Trial of Billy Jack is a movie starring Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, and Victor Izay. After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and...

IMDB: 4.74 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.36G
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 170
  • IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 11 / 29

The Synopsis for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts. The utopian existence of the school is characterized by everything ranging from "yoga sports" to muckracking journalism. The diverse student population airs scathing political exposes on their privately owned television station. The narrow-minded townspeople have different ideas about their brand of liberalism. Billy Jack is released and things heat up for the school. Students are threatened and abused and the Native Americans in the neighboring village are taunted and mistreated. After Billy Jack undergoes a vision quest, the governor and the police plot to permanently put an end to their liberal shenanigans, leaving it up to Billy Jack to save the day.

The Director and Players for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

[Director]Tom Laughlin
[Director]Tom Laughlin
[Role:]Teresa Kelly
[Role:]Victor Izay
[Role:]Delores Taylor

The Reviews for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

EXCELLENT. As timely as ever.Reviewed byJay TroutVote: 10/10

Everything the person who said made this movie "awful" makes it one of my favorites. If only people would have heeded some of the messages in this film years ago ... perhaps the USA would have progressed, and not regressed. Fascism continues to grip us by the throat, yet we do nothing, at best, or reward it, at worst. Time for a revolution. The hippies had it right all along. Bring 'em back!

I love that this film is so "in your face." We need more like it. NOW. Actually there are a few documentaries that have come out in the last few years, but have not received the attention they deserve.

I love the entire Billy Jack collection. It has been re-released in widescreen / 5.1 DVD. Only $40 for the box set. I highly recommend it.

Come back Billy Jack, we need heroes like you. (Hopefully 2007 will see a new BJ film. See the Billy Jack web site. I bid you Peace, Love, and Understanding.

controversial but outstandingReviewed bydaviddaphnereddingVote: 8/10

In this sequel to "Billy Jack", Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor continue to strongly and clearly convey, via the motion-picture medium, that the situation with which this movie deals is extremely, again, controversial. After all, the movie deals with the matter of bigotry and injustice. It begs a big question. What can a person do within legal limits to stop harassment of minority groups when the law will not cooperate and defend these minority groups? Following, it may also beg the question concerning whether or not Billy Jack is a villain or hero, since the caring person has no mercy on the mean people who do the harassing and does not care what happens to such horrible people. I like this thought-provoking movie. I like it because of the subject matter, but I also like the aesthetic qualities: the west is, in its own way, beautiful. The acting is convincing as well. Whenever I think about the controversial subject matter, I never reach a conclusion, but because of this, the acting, and the beautiful scenery, I will always be glad I saw it.

Awful !!!Reviewed byericjg623Vote: 1/10

This film was so bad that the memory of it still pollutes my brain some 25+ years later. About the only reason I went to see it was because it had been promoted heavily as a karate movie, and martial arts films were quite big at the time. What I got instead was three hours of 60's left wing political Bee-Ess served up with a massive dose of self-righteousness. Naturally, the hippie school was the embodiment of everything good and wonderful while The Establishment (meaning; everyone and everything else) was shown as being corrupt, venal, sadistic, and without any positive qualities at all. There was absolutely NO attempt at subtlety or evenhandedness here, instead, this movie grabs you by the throat and shoves your face into its one-dimensional worldview. In short, what ruins this film is its relentless preachiness, that, plus the fact that it so quickly became dated. Anyone wanting to know how Reagan went on to win two landslide elections need only watch this film to understand why, since it was this mindset he was running against.


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